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Camping with Daddy


This venture started by me talking to Jessica about putting up the tent in the backyard to ‘camp’ one weekend we had Abbie and Wade and see how Molly would do. That was two weeks ago; I needed time to recover. Daddy had plans and camping was not one of them.  I planned to make a see-saw out of an old tire; a project Jessica saw on the computer. From that point forward that was all Molly would talk about; see-saw this see-saw that. Friday morning Abbie and Wade were sitting around doing nothing while Molly and Mason were at summer school.  I decided to get them off their butts to help build the see-saw; what a fun project….if only my helpers would help. It was a huge success! My next ‘plan’ was a tire swing. Safe to say Daddy was getting tired and the kids were not helping all that much.

                                        ” I’m in shape rounds a shape”

By now all Daddy wanted was to get everything done so I could relax. Until I heard Molly’s tiny voice say “play in the tent in the backyard”. Crap. I am up and going again. I did not even know Molly knew what a tent was let alone camping. In hindsight it was good that Molly was excited to try something out of her comfort zone but I was still exhausted and now I am off to put up a three room tent that I have only set up twice. Lets just say I started this a wee bit grumpy. I am in shape round is a shape but I have no strength left to do this. In addition to that Molly had tripped and Jessica was with her at the doctors getting x-rays. Just a sprain but it was a good one. I was thinking or should I say hoping all the kids were going to play in the tent and get bored with it. Hence preventing me from sleeping on the hard ground; WRONG. They were excited to sleep in this grand tent set up in our back yard. Me not so much. I am sitting inside in my chair being Mr. Grumpy Grump and Jessica came in and I explained that I was so tired and did not want to sleep out there. She has a way of pulling me out of my moods telling me how important it is to do this with all of them and how it needs to be a positive experience. AKA guilt. I wanted to camp just not tonight. Jessica left me there to pout.

” Time to build a fire even if it is still 90 degrees”

Like she does best Mommy comes to the rescue. She started pulling out all the twin mattresses off the kids bed and putting them in the tent and making them. All I could see was more work. I got myself together, got out of my bad mood and found the air mattress. We got the fire pit moved and the kids and I went out ‘hunting’ for firewood; we went to the wood pile. Time to built a fire even if it is still 90 degrees we have to roast marshmallows! We got some great pictures and the kids sure enjoyed all of it. Finally it is bedtime. Jessica slept in the house with Mason, he is just not old enough yet. Abbie, Wade and Molly all got settled in the tent and went to sleep pretty quick. Three o’clock rolls around and Molly starts wining. I try to get her back to sleep she was not having it so I took her in the house and let Mom take care of her. She slept inside the rest of the night. We woke up the next morning and Jessica made us turkey bacon, biscuits and jelly for breakfast. Even made my coffee. We all ate outside around our extinguished fire pit just as if we were camping in the wilderness.

My final thought is it was a big success, even if Molly did not make it the whole night she was willing to try a new and exciting thing and that is great. I sometimes see her push herself harder than we do and that makes me proud. All and all we all had a good time. A special thank to Jessica for making me look at things a little differently, you are the best.

Written by: Abbie, Wade, Molly and Mason’s Daddy

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