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Mexico Mamacita


Once a year we take a few much-needed days to ourselves to recharge. We often say that at almost forty-two and thirty-eight we are far too old to be raising little ones. This year we returned to Puerto Vallarta; my second favorite place on the planet.

For three nights and four days I was waited on hand and foot. I did not cook a meal, wash a single plate, do a stitch of laundry or change one diaper! The hardest part of my day was putting on my constantly damp bathing suit (harder than it sounds), being forced to walk a quarter of a mile for a seventy-five minute massage…twice…or deciding which two drinks to hold in my hands. Such a rough life, I know.

By the afternoon of the first day I hit my “lazy wall.” Moms you know what I am talking about. When life goes 24-7 it is hard to stand still. I had already did the majority of my shopping, had my first massage and struggled to simply relax. I DON’T RELAX, I’M A WARRIOR MOM! I started stacking our plates nicely at meals to make life easier for the waiter, I got behind the bar to make drinks, I searched out little children with parents who I am confident needed a few minutes of solitude. I watched Castaway in espanol. Somewhere around Wilson being created I came to the conclusion that I too, like Tom Hanks needed to make friends!

Allow me to introduce you to the cast of characters. Ulises, the best bartender South of the border. Oleg and Zapato the legally old enough to drink but young enough that I could have gave birth too and might I add gorgeous graduates from a few hours away! I was deemed Mrs. Robinson because of these two. Miguel, my favorite waiter who always wanted to give me Tequila and help me with my Spanish. He reminded me of my high school Spanish teacher always yelling at me to “en espanol!” Finally, the best for last Odette; my twin from another Mother back East and her beautiful daughter who I decided would make a great wife for my Mason; in about twenty years. There were a few others but these became mi amigos. We enjoyed hours of conversations, many drinks, meals, photographs and lots of hugs. My personal Facebook friends list increased by at least a dozen after this trip with plans already in the works for visits and future vacations.

Our homecoming was bittersweet. It was as if God wanted me in Mexico. First our flight was delayed. Then we were unable to taxi in due to no available gates. We were unloaded on the tarmac and placed on a shuttle into the airport. As usual I got stopped at customs; both directions this time; no smuggling for this girl! They even confiscated my lotion because it was over the allowable amount to carry on! Finally, we were in our car and en route to Molly and Mason. Grandma gave them a nap, partly for her sanity and partly so they were able to stay awake and greet us with their cherub faces at ten o’clock at night. Molly kept yelling “YOU SAVED ME” and “DON’T LEAVE ME!” Grandma swears she was not beat.  Molly is ready to pack a bag and head to Mexico. She asked if we could leave on Friday…sure…now where is my money tree?

I have 353 days to go until the next adults only vacay. Next June I am setting up a package for group rates. If any of you followers would like to escape reality for a couple of days let me know. I would like to take this time to ask for prayers that I can survive that long. The first few days back life was still on Mexico time but alas it is back to run, run, run. On that note someone smells bad and requires my attention.

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