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Hello this is Matthew, Molly and Mason Daddy.  Here is my first blog; Daddy’s take on Autism. I may not biologically be their Daddy but I am just as close to them as my own two children and love them unconditionally.

I met Molly when she was barely three years old. She was a scared, shy, frustrated yet happy little girl. Mom was doing everything she could to help her. Molly did not like to be touched. I remember giving her a hug the night I met her Jessica said “oh she does not like hugs.” My response being naïve was “I am a hugger. If she is around me she will get over that.” Jessica just looked at me like you do not have a clue moron. Now in present day Molly loves to give hugs to not only me but anyone she meets. I believe the fact that I see her just a typical kid and treat her as if she has no disability helps. I hold her to the same standard and expeditions as any of our kids. We have to throw out the general rule book on parenting sometimes during a meltdown but that’s another blog. Molly is a ray of sunshine, my princess and a joy to be around. I love watching her grow.

Mason was eighteen months old when I met him. He has been such a blessing. I love watching him become a little man. He is following the same pattern as Molly meeting the same milestones at the same age almost exactly. With him, we have been through it once already, we implemented what we learned with Molly which really made life with Mason easier. Or perhaps we are just getting better. Mason is my little man. Tough as they come and solid as a brick. We may have a football player in the family; even though Jess would prefer he play for the Yankees. As a fallback career he can be the Easter bunny as he is a professional at hiding items. Be it his cups, his jets, or Molly’s little yellow bathtub which we have yet to find. He always has us searching for something.

Molly and Mason love to bounce; Mason probably more so. We bought them a full size trampoline that we have to drag them off at the end of the day. They also loves the water. Mason especially be it a little in the bottom of a cup, a mud puddle, lake, river or pool he just loves water. Where we live summer temperatures reach a hundred plus degrees, so you can image the trampoline being black gets very hot and the kids cannot jump. Never fear Daddy is here! I came up with an idea to use PVC pipe around the top of the trampoline creating a rainforest waterfall sprinkler system. Bouncing and water; Mason was in heaven. Jessica always said she should have named them Ariel and Sebastian.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. What I hope to accomplish with this blog is to help others in their journey with parenting kids with autism. I am not an expert just a Daddy. Number two is to make you laugh with stories of our often hilarious life. Number three to express to you that life does not end because your child has Autism. There is a lot of negativity out there, we take a different approach keeping a positive outlook on life while being blessed to be raising kids with Autism. Mostly, raising special needs children takes a toll on a marriage and it saddens me to hear the statistics of how many people are doing it alone. Keep the faith. There are good people still out there.

A quick shout out to our kids Abbie, Wade, Molly and Mason the ones who inspire me to blog. Daddy loves you and believes you all are going to do great things. Your Mommy and Daddy are your biggest fans and we believe in you. A special thanks to Jessica the greatest Mommy I know and for editing this blog 😉

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