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Journey to the jet; a Mother’s tale


There comes a time in every parents life when you think to yourself ‘I should have dressed differently for this occasion.’ For me that moment came today. As I sucked in everything the good Lord gave me & scooted underneath a bunk bed, in a little black dress while wearing my favorite Jimmy Choo’s. Allow me to elaborate.

As Warrior Moms, Dads, relatives, caregivers and so on we know all too well the favorite toy. The toy the child in our lives honestly believes he or she will die without. Mason’s is ‘Blue Big Jet.’

About a year ago I bought a five pack of hot wheels which included a jet. He was in love. Thus starting the collection of the fleet we have today. One day, I found an inexpensive die-cast series and thought I would buy a few since we had many successes that week and Mason deserved a reward. I quickly learned that inexpensive is only the case if you buy one or two. Jump ahead a year. We have the majority of the series, and in duplicate. Too many nights I sat listening to crying because one could not be found.

My greatest fear was realized in January when Mason’s trusty Blue Big Jet was lost. I went to the store only to find that they had sold out and were not getting anymore. I turned to the internet paying top dollar for not one, but two. The day they arrived Mason had found his, so we are now the proud owners of four big blue jets.

This morning he was adamantly looking for his trusty toy before the school bus came and was unable to find it. Knowing we had a sitter coming this evening for our date night, I knew to be prepared. Hence my journey under the bed. For some this may seem dramatic but for those of us raising up autism, we can laugh at knowing we are not alone.

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