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Losing Bommie


It is a special needs parent worst fear; change! Will it be greeted with open arms or cause WWIII? For the most part our children handle change well but then out of the blue, a simple change brings on a meltdown of epic proportions. Masons classroom aides have all been replaced. Brandon left for a better job opportunity, Bonnie aka Bommie went back to nursing school and Kellie was assigned to another class. He seems to enjoy his new aides; probably because they are all over fifty and smell of cookie dough but I know he misses his personal favorites. A few days ago he saw Kellie on campus and was bouncing uncontrollably. Today while I was saving this photo he yelled “IT’S MY BOMMIE!” He was so excited I foresee having to schedule play dates with his adult BFF’s. It gives me peace inside knowing that he is comfortable with his stand in Mommy’s. I picked him up from school the other day (that is another blog within itself; stay tuned) and he told his teacher “I love you Miss M” and gave her a big hug. You could see her melt; Mason is such a teacher’s pet; always a people pleaser.

PS Bonnie I know you will see this and I sure hope you do not mind I used this super cute photo of you and Mason. I love that you are looking at him with so much admiration.

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5 Responses to “Losing Bommie”

  • Bonnie says:

    Waaaaa!!!! :( Don’t tell anyone, but Mason has my heart! Of course, I miss them ALL so much! But Mason definitely has a spot up at the top! Trust me, it’s been so hard not seeing those cute cheeks everyday. I did make a deal with Miriam and I will be coming in monthly to volunteer with art :) So I will still get to see those cute kids!! The hardest thing in doing this job is knowing that next year or the one after, they will replace you with another favorite teacher/aide. So many tears!! But it is so worth it! Well geez, this made me “so so sad” but so so happy as well!!! Give your boy a big ol hug for me! And thank you for the opportunity to be a small part of his life!! P.s. I love the pic!

  • I still have his huge jet drawing you made him for his birthday. I will save it forever and ever. Rest assure he still remembers you! He was jazzed to see the photo. Soon we will get moved over to town and you can always visit! Heck you can visit here but it’s a little drive. Come for dinner!

  • PS you are more than welcomed to be on my personal facebook for all the latest updates it’s under Jessica Elmore

  • Bonnie says:

    I get to see your boy on Friday! I’m very excited!!

  • Bonnie says:

    Hello! I just saw your post on YouTube. Ohhh man he so adorable! I went to school a few weeks ago, but poor Mason was out sick! I miss him and the other kids so much! I will find out when summer school starts, so hopefully I will get to see him then!! Hope you guys have a fun break!

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