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Autistic families say see ya to Disneyland

As you may or may not already know the biggest corporation in the world; Disney has decided that special needs families just are not that important. They are doing away with their Guest Assistant Card that makes it possible for families to access the rides thru the handicap entrance to forgo waiting in hour-long lines causing meltdowns of epic proportions. WELL, DISNEYLAND CAN KISS MY AUTISTIC FAMILIES BACKSIDES! I WILL NEVER AGAIN STEP FOOT INTO THEIR PARK OR BUY ANY MERCHANDISE FROM THEIR CORPORATION AND I ENCOURAGE ALL FAMILIES LIKE OURS TO DO THE SAME. Their answer to me was “we sat down as a board and weighed the pros and cons to accommodate all people without making it one sizes fits all and this was what we have come up with. This is the only plan offered and there is no possibilities to be grandfathered into the previous special needs pass.” My response was “your board based their facts on ignorance. If you are not raising a child with autism you cannot begin to fathom the difficulties that their condition entails. They barely understand the passes as they were let alone what it is to become which by the way is more one size fits all then ever. If it wasn’t you’d have an alternative option available. I’d like the CEO of Disneyland and as well as the Director of Customer Relations and anyone of his board members who is up for the challenge to spend a day with our family in your park with you new plan and see how we live and what this is doing to our family and families like us.” Their only response is “we do not have the ability to join your family but we thank you for the offer.” OF COURSE NOT BECAUSE YOU CAN SIT THERE IN YOUR SUITS MAKING DECISIONS BASED ON ZERO FACTS AND FEEL LIKE A BIG BOY BUT WHEN ITS TIME TO STEP UP TO BAT YOU CANNOT HANDLE IT.” I am done

Here is the petition to ask Disneyland to reconsider removing the Guest Assistant Card. Please sign http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/disneyland-discontinues.fb31?source=s.icn.fb&r_by=8794738

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