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Surfers Healing inspired this Mommy to face the big blue


Mythology calls Poseidon the God of the Sea. In our family we call him Izzy Paskowitz. For those of you who have never heard the name before allow me the pleasure of introducing you.

Izzy was a competitive surfer and more importantly a Warrior Father. After what proved to be a frustrating day of sensory overload several years ago he found that the soothing ocean provided a comfort to his autistic son Isaiah. His compassion for others with Autism lead he and his wife Danielle to create Surfers Healing www.surfershealing.org An amazing organization that takes autistic children and young adults out to sea to catch a wave at no charge to their families already tight pocketbooks. Unfortunately, we missed this years events. However, I was inspired.

I have loved the ocean since childhood but was always uncomfortable with the feeling of being sucked out to sea and eaten by Jaws. After reading about what Izzy had done and how much of an impact it had on Isaiah I decided it was my time to take to the big blue; past kneecaps of course. If I ever expected to teach Molly and Mason how to be comfortable in the ocean I had to figure it out myself first. A few days later we stood on the sands at Pismo Beach, California. What was I thinking was all that came to mind. I could barely hold myself up when the tide went out what would happen if the kids went under? My response was ‘shut up Jessica. If Isaiah could do this so can you.’ I asked a family onshore if I could borrow their boogie board for a few minutes as I explained the situation with our family. They were happy to oblige. Five minutes later Molly was riding the waves. Obviously, this is a big difference than what Izzy and his trained professionals can do but for our family it was a day of triumph. Mommy, Molly and Mason all conquered the big blue.

I check Izzy’s site weekly eager for the dates to be listed for 2014 Surfers Healing camps. We will be there with bells……uh I mean wetsuits on! Thank you Izzy, Danielle & Isaiah for sharing your family with ours. Poseidon ain’t got nothing on you.

Please subscribe to us in the top right hand corner of the page. You can also follow us on Facebook. I ask that if you have the means to please make a donation to Surfers Healing www.surfershealing.org that make it possible for families like ours to enjoy such an amazing experience.


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