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The Case of the Missing Potato Masher


As I sit here typing I am glancing around the room at all the amazing toys M&M; Molly and Mason, have. When I was a kid we had the ball with the paddle, Barbie’s or HotWheels. Not nowadays. We have toys that teach, sing, trains that talk and move on their own, little pads that teach, play movies, songs, take photos, helps you draw, not to mention bikes, scooters, a jungle gym, swing set, trampoline; you get the idea. Yet for some reason Mason finds my potato masher the most amazing device known to man.

In his four short years I have had to purchase three. We have a game in the house known as ‘The Case of the Missing Potato Masher.’ Whenever Mommy is covered in sweat from making a feast and reaches for the amazing plastic tool only to find it gone she bellows out the call to the masses. Rapidly, Matt, Abbie, Wade and Molly spring into action searching high and low while Mason sits on the sidelines smirking. I know in his head he is saying ‘these idiots think they are actually going to find it……priceless!’ If you ask him where it is he instantly reverts back into an infant stage unable; or should I say unwilling to speak, point, or drag you to his discreet destination.

I have searched high and low, inside closets, shoes, toy boxes, backpacks and the little annoying cabinets you can hardly access in your kitchen. I have obtained cuts, scrapes, bruises but never a potato masher. I am convinced that when we move into our new home our renters will find his magnificent hiding spot with the potato mashers and the yellow Peppa Pig bathtub. I am eager for that day, for only then will I finally know the exact coordinates of his grotto.

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