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Do children with Autism communicate with past lives?

I say YES!

Tomorrow marks the 12th anniverary of September 11th. On that day I lost my best friend. We shared no DNA but he was like a big brother. Tommy and I met in 1989. He gave his life to save others on 9/11. Six years later I had Molly. Two additional years later Mason came along; due date September 11th. I come from a family of women. The day I heard my due date I knew I was carrying a boy. A few weeks later an ultrasound confirmed that indeed my baby had baseballs and a bat.

I tell that story to lead you up to the fact that at that time in my life I did not speak much of Tommy. Those who knew him were all back in New York and I was in California. It was a way I handled it. If I did not talk about him in the past tense I could manipulate my mind to believing he was still just a phone call or plane ride away.

About a year ago we tucked Molly in bed for the night and came into our living room to enjoy that sweet time all warrior parents know and look forward to; adult television! We heard Molly chatting away. I recall saying something about it being time to go to sleep but she continued jabbering. A few moments later she called to me. I am standing in the doorway when she points to the spot directly beside me and proudly states in a louder voice than normal “there he is Mommy!” Here’s the rest of the conversation.

Me: Who honey?
Molly: The man. The man in the yellow shirt.
Me: (a bit uncomfortable) I don’t see him.
Molly: He’s right there Mommy, the fireman, Uncle Tommy!

At this point I am shaking. I am not afraid of spirits. I believe they are all around us but for a child who only started speaking a year and a half prior to explain in such detail about somebody she never knew I was a bit taken back by it. I mumble something which I believe was a greeting and quickly walk out of the room telling my fiancee Matt what had happened. He walks in while Molly is still talking away to “nobody” and she proceeds to introduce Daddy to her Uncle Tommy.

Matt comes from a very religious background and although he believes in Heaven he cannot but help to question his beliefs when his daughter is obviously talking to the dead. I went back in the room tucked her in said goodnight to both her and Tommy and told them I loved them. The next morning I opened the album containing photos of Tommy and without saying a word to her I started looking at them. I turn the page and Molly yells “LOOK UNCLE TOMMY!” Apparently, he has been here every since. I am pleased to know that he is with her and from what I can tell Mason as well. I hope it is an ability she/they never loose. Please help me welcome your next Long Island Medium.


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