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Sharing is caring…or so they say

They say with death comes a new life. Struggles make you stronger. In September my bonus babies Abbie and Wade came home to live with us due to the passing of their birth mother. The transition was easier than we had expect for all four children. We are now one happy, slightly chaotic family. Our first concern was for Abbie and Wades mental …Continue reading →

National Autism Awareness Day 2015 CSUB Guest Speaker Speech

This evening I have been asked to be a guest speaker at Cal State University Bakersfield Student Unions Light It Up Blue Event. I have spoken at prior events but never one in my own neighborhood in front of people I work with year round. Nerves are through the roof. Anyhow, I wanted to share with you all who cannot …Continue reading →

Our tips for calming meltdowns

It is a struggle we, as Warrior Parents know all too well; the Autistic meltdown. We end up sweaty, exhausted, occasionally injured, bloody and the kids are even worse. So what can we do to make these meltdowns less frequent and when they do occur, what can we do to calm our children before it escalates to the point of no …Continue reading →

Adventures in grocery shopping

  It seems like decades ago that going to the grocery store with Molly was impossible. Allow me to stray away a moment and say that boys and girls with autism tend to be very different while being extremely similar. Molly for example was terrified of everyone and everything in this world the first year of her life. Even something …Continue reading →

Journey to the jet; a Mother’s tale

There comes a time in every parents life when you think to yourself ‘I should have dressed differently for this occasion.’ For me that moment came today. As I sucked in everything the good Lord gave me & scooted underneath a bunk bed, in a little black dress while wearing my favorite Jimmy Choo’s. Allow me to elaborate. As Warrior Moms, Dads, …Continue reading →

Camping with Daddy

This venture started by me talking to Jessica about putting up the tent in the backyard to ‘camp’ one weekend we had Abbie and Wade and see how Molly would do. That was two weeks ago; I needed time to recover. Daddy had plans and camping was not one of them.  I planned to make a see-saw out of an old tire; a project …Continue reading →

Would you like to see us on TLC?

I would like to start this blog by saying thank you to everyone for following us! When you can see your stories read across the world it is incredible. I had ideas of what I wanted to do for years and I feel this blog is just the first step. Obviously, I want to provide a safe home with financial security …Continue reading →

Mommy has an ASD

For years I have used the phrase “it’s just my Autism.” Journey with me back in time for a moment.  Growing up I had a very weak immune system. Sensitivity to noise in crowded places such as a restaurant or department store and warehouses such as Costco made my ears hurt with the loud coolers and how the sounds echoed off the tall ceilings. I found …Continue reading →

Mexico Mamacita

Once a year we take a few much-needed days to ourselves to recharge. We often say that at almost forty-two and thirty-eight we are far too old to be raising little ones. This year we returned to Puerto Vallarta; my second favorite place on the planet. For three nights and four days I was waited on hand and foot. I did not cook …Continue reading →

Feedback contact us

Greetings readers. My idea behind this site was to be an inspiration for those, who like us all, get exhausted and frustrated with special needs from time to time. A place where when you throw your arms in the air and go sit in the car to cry you can read and laugh and know that soon it will be a vague …Continue reading →

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