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Medical ID Bracelets

I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked where we got the kids medical bracelets. I honestly believe it is the best money spent for anyone! I have hypertension and severe hypoglycemia that when strikes can cause me to be confused, blackout and have no knowledge of who I am. In addition, I am allergic to Vicodin and Bactrim. Molly …Continue reading →

Daddy’s take on Autism

Hello this is Matthew, Molly and Mason Daddy.  Here is my first blog; Daddy’s take on Autism. I may not biologically be their Daddy but I am just as close to them as my own two children and love them unconditionally. I met Molly when she was barely three years old. She was a scared, shy, frustrated yet happy little girl. Mom was doing everything …Continue reading →

Journey to the jet; a Mother’s tale

There comes a time in every parents life when you think to yourself ‘I should have dressed differently for this occasion.’ For me that moment came today. As I sucked in everything the good Lord gave me & scooted underneath a bunk bed, in a little black dress while wearing my favorite Jimmy Choo’s. Allow me to elaborate. As Warrior Moms, Dads, …Continue reading →

Update: Mainstreaming Molly

I wanted to update our fans on how Molly’s mainstreaming is going. Originally, she was sent to the general education class with an aide and was doing so well, the aide now walks with her to the classroom and leaves her. She has been raising her hand to ask questions and doing the classwork along with the general education students. …Continue reading →

Do you know what an Umbrellabird is?

  Sometimes I believe our children are geniuses. Other times I think they watch too many episodes of Little Einsteins and Doc McStuffins or play on their LeapPads too often. Molly amazed a room full of people during the holidays while at a friend’s home. She sauntered up to their wall and yelled “Mommy, Daddy look it’s Van Gogh’s Starry …Continue reading →

“Your son has been in a bus accident;” feel free to have a heart attack

That horrible moment when your phone caller ID reads ‘kids bus’ and you answer to hear the bus driver crying. She needed Masons date of birth and our address and informed me that they had been in an accident on the way to school. I knew in my gut Mason was okay so my first instinct was to calm her down and of course …Continue reading →

Prayers for Avonte Oquendo and his family

My heart broke yesterday when the remains of what is assumed to be Avonte Oquendo were discovered along the shore of the East River only eleven miles from where Avonte was last seen. I write this today holding hope that the remains are in fact not Avontes and he will be returned home safely. Fact remains however, a child; a mothers baby; washed upon a …Continue reading →

Losing Bommie

It is a special needs parent worst fear; change! Will it be greeted with open arms or cause WWIII? For the most part our children handle change well but then out of the blue, a simple change brings on a meltdown of epic proportions. Masons classroom aides have all been replaced. Brandon left for a better job opportunity, Bonnie aka Bommie went …Continue reading →

Negatives can become positives if you welcome them in

We received many great gifts this holiday season but one stands out. Molly and Mason were united with their younger sister and brother; Kennedy; three and Jaxen; two. Their biological dad fathered two additional children after he abandoned Molly and Mason. Sadly for their family, history is repeating itself as it so often does. The silver lining is I have …Continue reading →

Day after Christmas AKA woohoo we survived!

If you are able to read this, pat yourself on the back! You survived what has to be the most chaotic time of year; Christmas. I had two goals this year; to take a photo with my Mom and my two older sisters and to finally take a halfway decent family photo of Matt and I with all four kids. The night before I laid …Continue reading →